How To Exercise When You Have Hemorrhoids

It’s still possible to exercise when you have hemorrhoids—you just have to make sure you do the appropriate exercises and in the right way! As more and more people have come to realize, hemorrhoids are often attributed to being caused by a low-fibre diet and an overly sedentary lifestyle. Such a combination often leads to […]

Diet and Hemorrhoids – What to Eat and What to Avoid When You Have Hemorrhoids

People who follow a low-fibre diet or lead a non-active lifestyle commonly get hemorrhoids. Such a combination often leads to chronic constipation, one of the critical causes of the ailment. Some estimates suggest that around 75% of adults, especially those over 60, get hemorrhoids at some point in their life. However, several well-known ways exist […]

Prevent hemorrhoids by following the right diet

It is estimated that some 75% of adults will get hemorrhoids at some in their life, but there are ways to prevent hemorrhoids and avoid the discomfort and pain they bring. Typically, people who eat a low fibre diet and lead a sedentary lifestyle are especially prone to hemorrhoids, as this often leads to chronic […]

Sleeping with hemorrhoids may not be as bad as you think

Sleeping with hemorrhoids can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, making your sleep fitful and disturbed. Indeed, it’s possible hemorrhoids will keep you awake at night but, given the importance of sleeping to rejuvenate and heal your body after a long, tiring day, it’s essential that you learn how sleeping with hemorrhoids can be attended to and […]