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N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre (North American Hemorrhoids Centre), in operation since 1979, encompasses a comprehensive suite of naturopathic hemorrhoids treatment clinics located throughout Canada, China, and Australia. We employ innovative and holistic treatment plans to help you find relief from hemorrhoids and other painful anorectal problems.

NAHC is the only clinic in Canada that provides long-term treatment for anorectal diseases using a combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Guoyi Proctology Therapy was created by our founder Dr. Chen Guoyi. Its treatment philosophy is to reduce the trauma to the body, and only carry out necessary Minimally invasive procedure in combination with the exclusive formula (BAZHISAN ointment series) of Chen’s medical family to treat the root of the focus. The goal is to achieve a long-term cure with a low recurrence rate. The difference from traditional surgery is that Guoyi Proctology Therapy can safely cure complex anorectal diseases and patients with underlying diseases. Among the conditions we can assist you with are:

  • Internal & external hemorrhoids
  • Circular mixed hemorrhoids
  • Prolapsed hemorrhoids
  • Bleeding hemorrhoids
  • Acute anal fissures with fresh blood or stabbing pain
  • Chronic anal fissures with scar tissues or infected tissues (chronically nonhealing)
  • Anal abscess (acute or on and off symptoms)
  • Anal fistula
  • Anal skin tag lump removal
  • Anal eczema or itching

N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre is a natural and non-invasive alternative treatment clinic. We believe that our body has natural healing functions. The wealth of experience we provide to our patients helps assure them that relief is possible, and our high-quality care is comforting and unique.

Our Mission & Vision


Establish a brand clinic with high-end medical technology and management quality in North America. Leading the team to become a socially responsible organization. Caring for our communities and developing sustainable plans.


Inheriting high-quality specialized medical health care technology

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