Lifestyle habits that increase the risk of getting hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are relatively common, and it is estimated that some 75% of adults will get them at some point in their life.

Some common causes and risk factors include and a number of them are interrelated:

  • Having a poor diet and not eating enough fibre. This may involve not eating enough fruit or vegetable or grains, or even nuts;
  • Not doing sufficient exercise and being overweight. Clearly, these are related, but being overweight often results from having a bad diet too;
  • Sitting for a long time. Even walking around for a few minutes per hour can help;
  • Straining whilst having a bowel movement is linked to the next point, but the solution is not to take laxatives as that may be counterproductive;
  • Regularly being constipated or not having regular bowel movements;
  • Having frequent bouts of diarrhea; and
  • Using too many laxatives to facilitate easier motions.  

Ways to mitigate or decrease the risk of hemorrhoids

Typically, people who follow a low fibre diet and lead a sedentary lifestyle are especially prone to hemorrhoids which, in turn, can often lead to chronic constipation.

As a first step, it’s best to start with an individual making changes to their lifestyle to help prevent getting hemorrhoids, especially as they start ageing. For anyone already having hemorrhoids, it’s best to change their diet and ensure a higher intake of high-fibre foods such as vegetables and whole grains.

A person’s fluid intake should also be increased to help liquidate constipation with the aim of normalizing bowel movements.

Also, it’s best to undertake a regular exercise regime appropriate for your age and physical condition. 

NA Hemorrhoids Clinic Can Help

If your hemorrhoids are due to pregnancy, NA Hemorrhoids Clinic which has been in business for over 15 years, can help relieve the discomfort and distress which the condition can bring.

The Clinic uses widely acclaimed traditional Chinese medicine methods, including a herbal ointment called “Ba Zhi San,” combined with modern naturopathic methods, to treat hemorrhoids effectively.

Ba Zhi San dissipates moisture and reduces swelling directly of the affected tissues, encourages the growth of healthy new flesh, reduces pain and relieves the underlying causes of the problem. It treats both the root causes and outward symptoms at the same time.  


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