What is Anal Eczema?

Anal Itching (sometimes referred to as pruritus ani) is primarily caused by skin irritation around the anus but can be a symptom of various causes. Most commonly, it will be at its worst just after a bowel movement, though you may experience symptoms at any time.
Chronic anal itching is triggered by moisture and is often a by-product of inflammation, which is made worse by scratching. Together, itching and scratching become a vicious cycle, so treatment to alleviate the symptoms can be the best option if the condition seems to be developing over time.

Anal itching is rarely a cause for major concern, but it can be very persistent and distracting. Some cases can progress and become so uncomfortable that the condition affects your daily life. Treatment is usually straightforward, and the symptoms are easily manageable, so seek the advice of a medical professional if the condition is becoming intrusive.

Anal Eczema Symptoms

The primary symptom of anal eczema is persistent, intense itching in the area around the anus. This will usually be accompanied by inflammation and will get worse with scratching. Anal itching can become unbearably uncomfortable and, in the worst cases, can be accompanied by a burning sensation. The area will likely become increasingly sore as the condition progresses.

Other more severe symptoms such as bleeding, lumps, or mucous discharge may be present in some rare cases. If you experience these symptoms or any pain in the area, speak to your doctor right away.

What Causes Anal Eczema?

Many different factors can contribute to anal itching, not least of which being skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, a form of eczema. Excess friction is known to aggravate the skin, leading to inflammation. This can happen when wiping too aggressively after a bowel movement or simply from wiping improperly.
Other potential causes could be exposure to chemicals or other irritants. Certain soaps, clothing detergents, and perfumes and dyes present on some toilet paper can trigger a reaction in the skin. Excess sweat and additional moisture in the area is a leading cause, though vigorous cleaning should be avoided to limit trauma to the skin.
Several infections contribute to anal itching, one potential cause being pinworms. Other possibilities include sexually transmitted infections such as scabies, herpes, or warts, often accompanied by a lump or a rash. Other germ-related infections such as fungal infections or thrush could also be related, as they thrive in moist environments.

Underlying health problems will also be a factor in cases of anal itching. Conditions such as diabetes, glandular problems, anemia, and lymphoma can all trigger symptoms. Most notably, anal itching may indicate other conditions affecting the anus, such as anal fissures, hemorrhoids, or anal fistulas.
Some much less apparent causes of anal itching are those linked to food and lifestyle. Anal itching can arise from consuming certain foods such as chocolate, tomatoes, citrus fruit, caffeinated beverages, or any spicy food. It may also be linked to stress and anxiety.

When Should I Seek Treatment?

While experiencing anal itching is not a cause for serious concern, you should seek treatment for anal itching when symptoms become intolerably uncomfortable. Cases of anal itching can be very persistent and can be the cause of major ongoing discomfort if left untreated. In some cases, prolonged trauma to the area can even lead to bleeding or leakage in the stool. Seek professional advice if you experience these symptoms, as bleeding can signify more serious underlying conditions.

Our Treatment Program

We have years of experience in treating anal eczema at our clinic and can help alleviate your symptoms quickly and effectively. If you are experiencing symptoms of anal eczema, don’t hesitate to get in touch and see how we can help you.

The main treatment programs we offer are our Guoyi Proctology Therapy and our Microsurgery & Naturopathic Treatment.

Guoyi Proctology Therapy

Our BAZHISAN treatment is an herbal ointment combined with Naturopathic Treatment. BAZHISAN soothes pain, stops bleeding, and closes wounds to aid healing. When applied to the area, the treatment eradicates symptoms, soothing itching, reducing inflammation, and facilitating faster recovery.

Microsurgery & Naturopathic Treatment

Among our offering of treatments are naturopathic treatment and microsurgery. Our treatments can be an effective option for persistent cases of anal itching where other conditions may be affecting the region around the anus. Depending on their level of severity, hemorrhoids, fistulas, and other anal conditions may be best treated by microsurgery. Treating these conditions can cure the symptoms of anal itching.


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