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After practicing medicine for over 50 years, Cancer still found it’s way to me. I can now say, I am a cancer survivor. I am a fourth-generation Doctor from a well-known medical family. My father passed on the importance of practicing medicine to save the world and treat diseases to save people. Exquisite medical technology comes from continuously accumulating experience and core pathological and pharmacological research. Breaking through new challenges is the only way to break through past achievements. Cancer did not take over my life but instead allowed me to break through my understanding of pharmacology. This is the greatest gift a doctor could have. I, who am not good at words, now learn to confess to my family and spend the rest of my life with my wife and grandchildren, which is my most steadfast satisfaction.

                                                                                                                                             —- Dr. Chen Guoyi

Dr.Chen Guoyi

Dr. Chen Guoyi’s Bio

Born in Szechwan, China, Dr. Chen Guoyi has dedicated his life to the “Mastering of Great Skills to Alleviate the Suffering of Patients.” It is this dedication that drove Dr. Chen to create his unique treatment method for hemorrhoids/piles and fistulas called Guoyi Proctology Therapy. In 1979, he moved to Xi’an and established the first Piles and Fistula hospital in the region.

Word of mouth spread quickly and by 1980, Dr. Chen had successfully cured tens of thousands of patients. He was later presented with the award of excellence in Medical Technology and Development by the government of Xi’an.

From these humble beginnings, Dr. Chen has established himself as a preeminent expert in the field, having served as Director of Piles and Fistula at Beijing Chinese Medicine University, as well as Chief Physician of China Oriental Hospital. His techniques and treatments have been introduced throughout the world, including at Columbia University in New York.

In recent years, Dr. Chen has been invited to give lectures in Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Canada, and the United States on the topic of promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine worldwide.

Year 1979
The first Piles and Fistula hospital located in Xi’an Shaanxi China 1979.
Year 2000

The re-building Piles and Fistula hospital was located in Xi’an Shaanxi mainland China in 2000. 

Year 2005

Dr. Chen successfully made the clinic to be the first hybrid clinic in Canada. 

Year 2013 - Now

The fifth generation Alison Chen put together family’s BAZHISAN series with Contemporary Natural Therapy. 

Year 2020

Calgary Clinic Opened


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