Sleeping with hemorrhoids can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, making your sleep fitful and disturbed.

Indeed, it’s possible hemorrhoids will keep you awake at night but, given the importance of sleeping to rejuvenate and heal your body after a long, tiring day, it’s essential that you learn how sleeping with hemorrhoids can be attended to and the pain and discomfort mitigated.

Some background

Hemorrhoids are an increasingly common ailment that tends to affect people as they age. Indeed, they are most prevalent amongst adults between the ages of 45-65 years old. Estimates suggest that around 5% of all seniors suffer from hemorrhoids at one time or another.

The primary cause of hemorrhoids is constipation or difficulty in completely evacuating the bowel during motions. This occurs on an increasingly common basis as people age and is due to straining whilst on the toilet, which, in turn, puts pressure on the veins in the rectal area, causing such veins to enlarge. Heredity and genetics are also risk factors on whether one would develop hemorrhoids, as can obesity and diseases of the liver.

But why do people with hemorrhoids experience more pain by the end of the day?

Most patients suffering from hemorrhoids endure severe pain in the early evening or, possibly, around the time when they are heading for bed. One primary reason for this is because, during the day, the anal region is subject to pressure as people move around, walking, exercising and so on, following their usual activities. As a result, late in the day or early evening, the skin and area around the anus will become painful.

Not only this, but the body’s hormonal anti-inflammatory levels (i.e. hormones such as cortisol) are at their lowest at night, leaving resistance to inflammation relatively weak. Therefore, it’s important to stay comfortable during the day in order to sleep well at night.

Take steps during the day

It is wise to follow certain practices during the day to help alleviate the discomfort and pain of hemorrhoids at night.

Some of the best practices include:

How You Sleep When You Have Hemorrhoids

The way you sleep when you have hemorrhoids is critical, as this addresses not only the ailment itself but also the symptoms. The sleeping posture and behaviours one adheres to whilst you have the condition can either mitigate or aggravate it.

In short, whenever you sleep, maintain a position that does not exert any pressure on your anal area. In any event, here are some great specific tips to follow when sleeping with hemorrhoids:

Some people say that sleeping on your side is less likely to put any kind of pressure on your back and will help, whilst others say sleeping on your back is better as the muscles of the anal and rectal zone support the rectum (an internal structure) and the anus. Others maintain that sleeping on your front, whilst not good for your back, is not a bad thing even if you have hemorrhoids.

So, you have to find a sleeping position that is the most comfortable for you when you are experiencing hemorrhoids in order to reduce the discomfort and any pain at night as best you can.

NA Hemorrhoids Clinic Can Help

To avoid being kept awake or having a fitful sleep due to constant pain in the anal region, it is recommended that people suffering from hemorrhoids should immediately consult a specialist to understand the condition and find out what treatment will be best for them.

You can arrange for an initial consultation with NA Hemorrhoids Clinic, which has been in business for over 15 years, to see if they can help relieve the discomfort and distress which the condition can bring.

Amongst other things, the Clinic uses widely acclaimed traditional Chinese medicine methods, including a herbal ointment called “Ba Zhi San”, combined with modern naturopathic methods to effectively treat hemorrhoids.

So, why not contact us now and let us help you get over the problems associated with hemorrhoids?