Are you in Vancouver looking for a treatment for anorectal issues that avoids destructive surgery and offers miraculous results? Guo Yi Anorectal Therapy might be your answer.

This article introduces the principles and effects of Guo Yi Anorectal Therapy at the Vancouver, N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre, illustrated through real patient recovery experiences. Let’s say goodbye to pain and welcome a healthy future!

Principles of Guo Yi Anorectal Therapy:

Guo Yi Anorectal Therapy combines Eastern and Western medicine for the radical cure, developed from over 40 years of clinical experience by Dean Chen Guo Yi. It’s a tailored treatment plan based on different constitutions and symptoms. Minimally invasive surgery is performed with minimal trauma, injury, and pain, complemented by exclusive proprietary Chinese herbal ointments, achieving radical results like hemorrhoids falling off at the root, old anal fissure scars shedding, and healing wounds. It also helps in transforming decay into new tissue in cases of anal fistulas and perianal abscesses, ultimately leading to complete healing.

Effects of Guo Yi Anorectal Therapy:

Guo Yi Anorectal Therapy has significant effects in treating anorectal diseases. It not only relieves pain and discomfort, freeing you from suffering but also promotes blood circulation and accelerates the healing process of the lesion. In short, Guo Yi Anorectal Therapy provides a comprehensive recovery effect, helping you regain health and comfort.

Real Patient Recovery Experiences:

Here are some real patient recovery stories.

Mr. Li, 45: In the winter of 2022, Vancouver resident Mr. Li suffered from severe hemorrhoids due to long-term work stress and irregular diet. Accompanied by pain and bleeding, his life was significantly affected. After trying various traditional treatments for a year, he turned to Guo Yi Anorectal Therapy in early 2023. After three weeks of minimally invasive surgery and treatment with herbal ointments, his hemorrhoids were gradually controlled and fell off at the root. Now, he is entirely free from hemorrhoids and enjoys life again.

Ms. Wang, 32: In the summer of 2023, Ms. Wang discovered she had an anal fissure during pregnancy, making each bowel movement a nightmare. Despite trying various treatments, her condition didn’t improve significantly. At the end of August 2023, she decided to try Guo Yi Anorectal Therapy. After four weeks, including minimally invasive surgery and the use of herbal ointments, her old anal fissure scars gradually shed, and the wound healed. Now, Ms. Wang has finally been relieved of the pain caused by anal fissures and lives a comfortable life.

Mr. Zhang, 50: In 2022, Mr. Zhang began to suffer from perianal skin diseases, accompanied by persistent itching and discomfort. After trying various topical medications with no significant effect, he was recommended Guo Yi Anorectal Therapy in the spring of 2022. After five weeks of minimally invasive surgery and herbal ointment treatment, his anal fistulas and perianal abscesses were effectively controlled, and decay transformed into new tissue. Today, his quality of life has significantly improved, and he no longer suffers from itching.

How to Completely Cure Anal Fissure?

The N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre is a unique clinic in Vancouver that combines Chinese and Western medicine for anorectal specialties. It has rich experience in treating anal fissures. The key to treating anal fissures is to accurately diagnose the real cause and formulate a precise treatment plan that can quickly and effectively alleviate symptoms and promote healing, thus achieving a complete cure.

The main treatment plans provided by the N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre includes Guo Yi Anorectal Therapy and minimally invasive surgery.

Guo Yi Anorectal Therapy

A combination of herbal ointment and natural therapy. The herbal ointment can relieve pain, stop bleeding, heal wounds, and promote healing. This therapy can restrict blood flow to the affected area, thus eliminating symptoms, reducing swelling, and accelerating recovery.

Minimally Invasive Surgery and Natural Therapy

For patients with severe conditions, the N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre adopts natural therapy accompanied by minimally invasive surgery. This surgery is typically for patients with persistent or potentially complicated anal fissures. In cases of painful anal fissures that cannot heal on their own, a course of minimally invasive surgery combined with herbal ointment is an effective treatment method.

If you suffer from anal fissures, please seek professional medical attention promptly. If you have any questions, please contact the N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre at 604-559-6177. The team is eager to assist you.

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