Ba Zhi San Treatment

About Our Ba Zhi San Treatment

Our signature Ba Zhi San treatment is an herbal ointment, combined with Naturopathic treatment, that soothes pain, stops bleeding, and closes wounds to effectively treat many conditions affecting the anus. 

What is “Ba Zhi San”?

Not only does our ever-popular Ba Zhi San treatment cure conditions directly, but it also significantly improves blood circulation to the area, allowing the body to heal naturally. Our treatment is so effective that many of our patients’ symptoms disappear for good when treated with the Ba Zhi San ointment, combined with our naturopathic treatment. We are so confident that you will see significant results from our treatment that we guarantee to treat you again if your condition should return within 1 year.

The core ingredients of the Ba Zhi San compound can cut off the blood supply from hemorrhoids entirely, allowing them to heal and drop off naturally without the need for traditional banding or laser removal treatment.

The treatment will also remove water from affected tissue and alleviate swelling, making symptoms much more manageable while your body is healing.

Additional treatments may be used in conjunction with our Ba Zhi San compound in more advanced cases where complications have arisen and there is a need to remove infections before effective treatment can begin. 

How Does Ba Zhi San Work?

How Does Ba Zhi San Work?

Used around the world since 1979 in China to treat many variants of hemorrhoids, Dr. Chen’s Ba Zhi San treatment is applied entirely as an external herbal remedy. Results from the treatment will usually be seen within as little as 2-3 days and hemorrhoids will shrink so much that they will completely disappear within a single week. Since inception, the Ba Zhi San treatment has been used to treat more than two million patients globally.

Our herbal formula It works by rapidly stopping bleeding and easing pain in the area. It cleans the area without any irritation to the skin, and simultaneously affects blood flow to encourage the body to heal naturally.

Depending on the needs of the patient, a different compound of Ba Zhi San will be created to effectively treat their specific condition. This level of personalization ensures that every patient receives the best treatment to suit their needs.

Ba Zhi San can be used to treat a variety of conditions including anal fissures, hemorrhoids, anal fistulas, anal itching, and virtually any other kind of condition affecting the anus. For some conditions, patients will see the treatment take effect in just 20 minutes.

The treatment removes moisture and reduces symptoms of swelling, itching, and bleeding. It relieves pain, fights infection, and promotes a healthy environment for the body to heal naturally.  


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